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For more than 8 years, Nationwide Tile has excelled in the restaurant tile maintenance industry. Regrouts and Tile Repair are our specialty and are the backbone of our company.

It makes all the difference when your restaurant needs maintenance

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Our portfolio includes hundreds of kitchen regrouts and tile maintenance programs in many of the major restaurant chains across the nation. Our methods are proven to get the results you need

Nationwide Tile uses a proprietary process for planning, tracking, and managing multiple restaurant projects across the nation. We pinpoint the problem, give you a plan to fix it, and deliver the solution

What's more important than a deadline? NOTHING. 

We love nothing more than to deliver the finished jobs for our clients when we said we would. We have a proven track record of making that happen, even under the most intense deadline pressure. Let us manage your quarterly Tile and Grout budgets. Allow us to show you we can deliver the superior, quality work on a consistent basis at a national level while keeping cost below budget and projects done on-time.

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                         What you Can Expect

Nationwide Tile and Repair, Co. SPECIALIZES in restaurant grout and tile maintenance. We have developed and mastered the regrout process insuring every restaurant floor we touch is done to perfection.  It is a proven process, that once Nationwide Tile is able to do a complete saw-out and regrout of a restaurant kitchen's floor, it will not need another FULL regrout for over 3 years.  Nationwide Tile will only need to perform a low budget spot regrout around the drains, fryer, etc each following year after full regrout is completed.  We also teach the best cleaning methods to your crews to help avoid damaging your new grout. With this proven system, Nationwide Tile and Repair, Co saves you thousands per each one of your restaurants.  We keep a detailed log of each visit to your restaurants in our database which allows us to stay on top of the best maintenance strategy for your floors allowing you to focus on the other tasks you have at hand.